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Footgolf at McDaniel College Golf Course

Play the NEWEST and COOLEST sport around!


Tee times are not being taken at this time. First-come, first-serve until further notice. Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
**Patrons can call the pro shop prior to coming to get an update as to availability as to the amount of play presently on the course.**

• FOOTGOLF combines two of the world’s most popular sports, golf and soccer, played on a golf course.

• Just like golf but kicking a soccer ball, the object is to kick the ball into a 21-inch diameter cup in the fewest number of kicks. Players will tee off or in this case KICK OFF from a set of markers and play holes ranging from 50 to 200 yards. Like golf, there will be Par 3’s, Par 4’s and Par 5’s with scores kept on a scorecard.

• A #5 soccer ball is typically used and 18 holes can be played by a foursome in about 2 hours.

• FOOTGOLF greens are identified by bright colored flags/poles and are located in the fairway or rough areas of a regular golf hole. Golf greens are never used for FOOTGOLF.

ANYONE CAN PLAY! No special equipment needed. Tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes only. Cleats are not allowed. Bring your own ball or rental balls are available on a first-come basis.

Tournaments and Outings Available

• Fundraising Events

• Birthday Parties

• Team Bonding

• Corporate Outings

• Physical Education Classes

For more information, please contact Michael Diehl at or by phone at 410-848-7667.




Adults: $14

Youth (17 and under): $12

McDaniel Students and Faculty/Staff (and immediate families): $5

**After 3 p.m., 7 days a week: $12 - adult/youth

Rental Soccer Ball: $3

SPECIAL: McDaniel undergraduate students rate of $5 includes FREE rental soccer ball.

Riding Carts are also available.

Click here to view a PDF of our scorecard.


For those using a GPS to navigate to the McDaniel College Golf Course, please use:
207 Pennsylvania Avenue
Westminster, MD 21157

Basic Rules of Footgolf

1. Play ball from between the tee markers and no more than 2 yards to the rear when kicking off. 

2. Never play your ball from a traditional golf green. You may remove it to your nearest point of relief no closer to the hole without penalty. 

3..Ball in group farthest from the hole plays first. Play your ball as it lies. Ball may be marked and lifted only if it interferes with another players kick.

4. Never run to your ball after a kick. When kicking or putting the ball, you may use the side of your foot or the toe but never should the bottom of your foot be used to "push" the ball forward.

5. Flag-stick may be removed or left in at player's discretion.. 

6. Ball may be declared "unplayable" anywhere on the course. Behind a bush, in the trees, etc. Player under penalty of ONE stroke can take two steps, no closer to the hole, place his ball and proceed on with his kick. 

7. Just like golf, a player has holed out when his ball is in the cup. Strokes taken on that hole are to be recorded on the scorecard. Lowest score tees off first on the next hole.

8. PLEASE be respectful of other golfers and footgolfers on the course. Allow faster groups to play through. No yelling or running. Riding carts, if used, are to be kept 10 yards from FootGolf greens and tees.

9. Most of all....HAVE FUN!

FootGolf at McDaniel College
Jul 22, 2015

Learn about the new FootGolf Course at McDaniel College

Wayne Rooney and Rory McIlroy - Nike FootGolf
Apr 25, 2014

Credits: Nike Ordem Football - In the US, FootGolf is played with indoor/turf soccer shoes. NO cleats allowed on the course at anytime. Copyed by American FootGolf League - AFGL - - Footolf USA - UK FootGolf Association

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Mt. St. Joe from Baltimore

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