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Media Policies

Below are the policies of the McDaniel College Office of Athletics Communications pertaining to media:

Interview Requests

All requests for interviews with student-athletes or coaches must go through the Director of Athletics Communications, Luke Stillson. Reporters will either be granted contact information for the person requested or the Director will request a time to have the requested individual contact the person requesting an interview.


Photography at Kenneth R. Gill Stadium is limited to credentialed members of the media and the official photographer of McDaniel College or an opponent. Photographers must comply with all NCAA requirements for photography based on the sport. Any photographer not adhering to these standards will forfeit his/her right. All requests for a sideline pass must be made to the Director of Athletics Communications at least 48 hours in advance, when possible. There is no restriction on photographs outside of the fenced area at Gill Stadium.

For all other venues, photography is restricted as per NCAA requirements. The bench areas are off-limits at all McDaniel venues with exception granted to the official photographer of McDaniel College Athletics. Other restrictions and limitations may apply during postseason play.

Print Media

Space is limited in the press box at Kenneth R. Gill Stadium and Gill Center. For all football games, requests for a space in the press box must be made by Thursday at 5 p.m. Priority is given to the local print media for the two teams involved. Space cannot be guaranteed in the press box if the request is made after 5 p.m. on Thursday. For all basketball games, requests must be made 24 hours in advance of the contest.

For all other contests, requests must be made prior to game time to ensure proper accommodations will be available.

Broadcast Media

Kenneth R. Gill Stadium has three dedicated phone lines for broadcast media. The Gill Center has one line. No other athletic venue has access to a phone line. Access to the wireless network may be available but connectivity cannot be guaranteed. All requests to broadcast must be made in advance. For football, requests must be made by Tuesday at 5 p.m. For all other sports, requests must be made 48 hours in advance of the contest.

Other restrictions apply for NCAA and Centennial Conference championship contests.

Games and Practices

All McDaniel practices are open at the advance request of a credentialed media member. Coaches and/or Athletics Communications Personnel reserve the right to close any practice to the media and/or public without prior notice. Players and coaches are not available for interviews during practice but will be made available, upon request, following practice. No coach or player is available pre-game or at any intermission. Exceptions for pre-game interviews may be granted for live broadcasts.

Post-game interviews will be conducted at a location determined by the Office of Athletics Communications following a 10-minute cooling off period.

Updated roster, statistics and notes are available to members of the media covering a McDaniel contest. Complete box score and play-by-play will also be furnished upon the conclusion of the contest.

Other Information

Admittance to the locker rooms and training room is strictly prohibited. Access to a coach's office is at the discretion of that coach in conjunction with the Director of Athletics Communication.

Recaps of every McDaniel athletic event is sent out via email. To subscribe, you can use the newsletter signup link on the top of the page.

Head shots and action shots of every student-athlete are available upon request for out-of-town newspapers wishing to use an image with an article.

Please contact the Director of Athletics Communications with any further requests or more information. All policies are subject to sudden changes at the discretion of the Director.

Contact Us


Phone: 410-857-2291

Mail: Luke Stillson, Director of Athletics Communications; 2 College Hill; Westminster, MD 21157